Materials Testing Lab

Phoenix, AZ

ARTL’s principal materials engineer, Keith Bailey, has over 20 years of testing experience in the aerospace, construction, automotive and military industries. ARTL also provides failure analysis, materials testing and evaluation services to the insurance and litigation sectors.

Keith A. Bailey Material Testing Engineering

Keith A. Bailey
(BS, MS in Materials Science and Engineering)

Metallurgical Reverse Engineering, First Article Evaluation, Quality Control, Weld Certification, Failure Analysis…

Base Alloy Analysis

Rockwell/Superficial Hardness Evaluation

Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Evaluation

Coating Analysis

Fractography Analysis

Weld Certification

Effective Case Depth Evaluation

Casting Qualification

Coating Analysis
-Macro Examination
-Micro Examination

FTIR Analysis and more…


ARTL Laboratory Capability Examples

  • Base Alloy Analysis
  • Hardness Testing
  • Fractography Evaluation
  • Metallographic Evaluation

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Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis is another area of expertise ARTL provides its customers. From visual examination to in depth destructive metallurgical testing, ARTL has the experience and capabilities to provide superior quality metallurgical engineering. From failure analysis of turbine engine components to failed residential copper pipe, ARTL will provide the best service the industry has to offer.
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Reverse Engineering

ARTL has several years of experience providing customers with the how it was manufactured questions. Typical questions regarding base alloy, applied coatings, types of hardened cases, brazing, welding and heat treating are areas of expertise for ARTL.
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ARTL materials testing lab is AS9100C / ISO9001: 2008 certified. With 15 years’ experience with aerospace component analyses and failure analyses, our services are utilized by manufacturing companies in the aerospace, construction, automotive and semiconductor industries as well as for litigation and insurance technical support.

The company was founded by Keith Bailey, a degreed Materials Science Engineer and Weld Certification.

Conveniently located in Phoenix, close to the airport even though many of ARTL’s customers reside throughout the United States. We want to grow our Arizona customer base. Our centrally located lab allows Phoenix based companies the convenience to come to the lab if / when necessary

“Southwest Turbine Inc. (STI) is a manufacturer of aircraft turbine engine parts and has been associated with ARTL since their first day in business. Our decision to use ARTL for our martials testing is based on trust, professionalism, accuracy, and execution. STI’s engineering designs, process improvements, failure analysis, as well as warranty consideration are based on the accuracy, integrity, and comprehensiveness of ARTL’s analysis and reports. ARTL has consistently demonstrated a true customer satisfaction policy, technical proficiency, and outstanding lab capabilities”…Stephen R. Yeary; President & CEO, Southwest Turbine Inc.

Bretta Kelly, owner of BMSC says, ARTL is well prepared for the future ISO requirements in the upcoming AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 Standards, we that there will be requirements for material testing. The requirements for the Process to validate test reports for raw material used in critical items is slated to be added back into the AS9100D Standard in section 8.0

ARTL competes with large testing labs that do analysis, and our customers come to ARTL because they not only value our credentials and expertise. But they often prefer to work with a small company that provides a higher level of customer service. With our low overhead, we can do testing much more effectively and with better turn-around than a national or global lab can offer.