Materials Testing Lab

Phoenix, AZ

Failure Analysis

is another area of expertise ARTL provides its customers. From visual examination to in depth destructive metallurgical testing, ARTL has the experience and capabilities to provide superior quality metallurgical engineering. From failure analysis of turbine engine components to failed residential copper pipe, ARTL will provide the best service the industry has to offer. Our Joel 820 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) provides capabilities to examine fracture surfaces at high magnification to provide images which assist in failure mode determination. This equipment allows for the determination of defects attributed to manufacturing, environmental induced degradation and microstructure analysis. With the addition of the energy dispersive x-ray (EDX) spectroscopy, ARTL also provides semi-quantitative and qualitative analysis of fracture surface corrosion products, component coatings and debris analysis.

Sulfidation Attack of Turbine Blade Coating Extending into the Base Alloy

Overload of planetary gear leading to accelerated/excessive material removal

Visible Casting Defect by Presence of Dendritic Features on Fracture Surface

Commonly observed preferential attack of tube seam weld

Aggressive soil attack of external surface of residential copper piping

Fatigue failure of medical implant prior to proper healing of bone

Overload failure of trailer wheel spindle

Fatigue failure of metallic flex line

Erosion of copper piping internal surface attributed to the adherence of tin-rich solder to wall

Improper maintenance of grease waste line at Ball Park